Selección Oscuro – E.P. Carrillo Continues Legacy of Greatness

April 11, 2017

In 1992, Ernesto Perez-Carrillo modestly began his foray into the luxury cigar market, working out of a small shop in a section of Miami’s Little Havana district. That year, Ernesto had been humbly producing one of the area’s most popular smokes at his El Credito Cigar Company, when national buzz caught of the quality and affordability of his top-notch cigars. Demand quickly increased, forcing expansion and growth to meet ever-growing manufacturing and distribution needs. Soon after, Ernesto cemented his legacy as one of the world’s top-shelf producer of premium cigars when he introduced the renowned La Gloria Cubana brand, widely considered to be a measuring stick within the industry.

While the operations of Carrillo’s businesses have since transitioned to his children, the legendary cigar master has still managed to change the game once again, introducing a new, luxury, ultra-premium addition to his popular E.P. Carillo series, the E.P. Carillo Seleccion Oscuro. Always exceeding the expectations for new flavors and unique experiences in today’s market, for the first time, Carrillo’s infamous cigar artisans have brilliantly crafted a San Andres Oscuro wrapper onto one of their blends. Underneath the oily, dark and leathery wrapper, you’ll find an invigorating Ecuadorian binder, exquisitely packed with a medley of long filler tobaccos, all harvested from the ample, bountiful soils of Nicaragua.

Available in two sizes, the (5 × 54) Robusto Gordo and (5.5 × 50) Small Churchill, both Selección Oscuro offerings are expertly-packed and chalked with a gentle explosion of medium-to-full flavors. The more traditional E.P. Carrillo Selección Oscuro Robusto Gordo will please cigar enthusiasts with even the most particular tastes, with its copious flavors of pepper and spice, seamlessly contrasting along a currant of cedar and leather. The zest of spice and earthy-undertones perfectly-balance around this cigar’s sweetened core, providing a smooth, creamy finish with each puff.

The top-quality Mexican wrapper and Nicaraguan fillers truly shine in the E.P. Carrillo Selección Oscuro Small Churchill, as a barrage of sweet, spicy and light citrus flavors provide the smoker with a quality cigar experience that is effortlessly-balanced throughout each stick. Despite its size, this premium cigar doesn’t lack in delivering superb flavor, as the precision of its packing and intricacy of Carrillo’s unique blend allows the gusto and wide range of aromas to satisfy all taste buds.

Even if you’re not familiar with Ernesto Perez-Carrillo’s previous landmark, La Gloriana Cubana or other offerings in the E.P. Carillo brands, these E.P. Carillo Seleccion Oscuro offerings are a must-have addition to your cigar humidor. The ingenious complexity of flavors provides a truly unique cigar experience. Words cannot do justice the sweet peppery tinges, and just how perfectly they complement the stimulating aroma. This collection promises to ensure the palate a pleasant and soothing escapade with each puff.

Add the E.P. Carillo Seleccion Oscuro to your premium cigar collection today. You will undoubtedly love their taste, but you’ll find their price to be even more satisfying. Buy your E.P. Carillo Seleccion Oscuro cigars online for one low price, or add a box of 24 and save even more.


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