Revisiting JR Ultimate Cigars: A Timeless Honduran Classic!

April 4, 2019

Once again, we revisit a classic line of premium cigars that have survived and still thrive among a never-ending tsunami of the hottest and latest brands that are available on the market today. First produced in the late 1970s, the JR Ultimate cigars are one of the original brands that first put JR Cigar on the map!  Today, even with so much more competition than when they were first released, we think that JR Ultimate cigars are every bit as good as (or better than) any brand on the market— bar none! Just ask any brand loyalist that’s been savoring these Honduran treasures for many decades, and, you can bet that they will agree!

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Available in a staggering array of shapes and sizes, JR Ultimate cigars are covered in Connecticut Shade, (Natural), Ecuador Sumatra (EMS), Connecticut Broadleaf (Maduro and Oscuro) and one Corona that’s dressed in an extremely rare, green Candela wrapper also hailing from Connecticut. All wrapper varieties surround a sturdy Connecticut Broadleaf binder and an exceptionally well-aged blend of long filler tobaccos from Honduras.

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With four wrapper styles to choose from, you have a choice of distinctively different medium to full body flavor profiles starting with the rare candela leaf, that along with its premium binder and fillers, displays unique nuances of cocoa, hay, leather, cedar, and hints of died fruit. JR Ultimate cigars, dressed in the natural shade Connecticut wrappers, are brimming with creamy smooth notes of leather, nuts, coffee, spice, and cream, while the EMS Ecuadorian Sumatra leaf adds some brawnier earth and woodsy tones to the mix. When outfitted in its Maduro wrapper, the JR Ultimate cigar greets the palate with chocolate, leather, earth, spice, and caramel, and, for the Ultimate in dark tobacco flavors, the black, oily, Oscuro wrapped JR Ultimate cigar brings pepper, fruit, and some licorice components to the party.

Within the massive JR Ultimate portfolio, you’ll also find a few sizes of the popular Cabinet Series cigars, a line of super-aged Ultimate’s first released in the early 1990s.  JR Ultimate Cabinet cigars, with sizes, numbered 10 through 70, boasts the same tobacco blend and tasting notes of leather, earth, spice, and nuts, found on the original EMS wrapped JR Ultimate cigar, this time with a characteristic creamy texture from the long aging process.

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By now, it should be plain to see that our famous JR Ultimate cigars offer a host of unique characteristics and flavor profiles, in a massive array of flawlessly crafted violas, that makes it one of the most intriguing and comprehensive lines of premium cigars on the market today.  If you haven’t yet discovered these timeless JR classics, we suggest that you find the perfect size, shape, and style that best suits your needs, and prepare yourself for an incredibly satisfying cigar smoking experience!


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