Oscar Valladares Super Fly

August 20, 2019

Oscar Valladares Cigars

Oscar Valladares is most well known in the cigar industry for his inaugural blend, the Leaf by Oscar Series.  This underdog smoke took the world bar storm and made Oscar a household name.  While his other brands have received critical praise, they haven’t quite hit the heights of the Leaf…until now that is.  This year Oscar announced tow brand new lines that are sure to capture the interest of premium cigar smokers, including a groovy new cigar that is his strongest to date.

The Oscar Valladares Super Fly is hand-rolled at Oscars factory in the heart of Danli, Honduras.  It is rolled using aged Dominican, Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos, this being the first time Oscar has used Dominican tobaccos in one of his blends.  The binder is a Honduran leaf from the Copan region while the wrapper is a dark and stunning Mexican San Andres leaf.

The Super Fly is being billed as the strongest Oscar cigar yet, and while that might be true, don’t let it frighten you.  This cigar is exceptionally smooth and complex.  Notes of earthy leather and chocolate combined with a smooth nutty center for a complex and rich smoking experience.  While the strength is full I put the body at around a medium to full.

Three sizes are being offered, of which my favorite is the Super Corona.  While the smallest of the three, this 5 1/4th by 45 smoke packs a lot of smoke and flavor into a tiny package.  The burn was exceptional offering up a nice even line from start to finish along with an open draw and white, unflaky ash.

Besides having a top-notch blend, the Oscar Valladares Super Fly is also visually stimulating.  It comes adorned in a 1970s retro style box with a groovy font and glossy purple backdrop.  It’s a throwback to the days when being a cool cat was all that mattered.  The Super Fly is one of Oscars most anticipated releases yet, so stop by JR Cigars to pick up your box today.

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