Now For Something Completely Different- The Robert Caldwell Funfetti Cigar!

March 29, 2016

Yes people, there is a premium cigar called Funfetti, and NO, you cannot only find it in party store, nor does it explode!! … It’s actually a serious boutique offering from Robert Caldwell the mastermind behind such popular sticks as the Iberian Express, Iberian Express Sevillana Reserva, Blind Man’s Bluff, and Junior Varsity. If you haven’t figured it already, you will quickly come to realize that Caldwell has a penchant for giving his creations names that have nothing remotely to do with cigars- but nevertheless, he creates some of the best blends that money can buy- And Funfetti is no exception!

Crafted at his renowned factory in the Dominican Republic and made exclusively for JR Cigar, Funfetti designed from the ground up, started with carefully selected aged Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos. Then after much trial and error, Caldwell chose a fine looking reddish brown Sumatra wrapper for the perfect finishing touch. This top-quality leaf grown in Indonesia is prized for its thick oily texture, slow burning qualities, and an appealing sweet and spicy character.

Although a solid medium bodied smoke, Funfetti’s first few puffs start with a bang, saturating the palate with a one-dimensional blast of white pepper. This sharpness quickly subsides as the blends complexity takes hold and refined flavors of spice, leather, earth, and nutmeg come to the forefront. The cigar burns slow and even throughout, and finishes with some hints of caramel and cream that leave a nice sweet aftertaste on the tongue.

Currently, the popular Robert Caldwell Funfetti cigar is featured in a single size, a 5 x 50 Robusto that comes to you in no frills craft paper bundles of 10. However, don’t let the modest sticker price deter you, because Caldwell’s philosophy has always been to create the very best premium cigars at the lowest possible price.


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