H. Upmann Hispaniola

August 27, 2019

Among the newest cigars to hit our shelves this year is one of the best H. Upmann cigars ever blended.  The H. Upmann brand goes back more than a hundred years and recently has been put through a renaissance of sorts.  The H. Upmann by AJ was absolutely amazing while the H. Upmann Grupo de Maestro was a top tier mellow smoke.  This newest addition to the portfolio is among the strongest and most complex blends to ever have been attached to the Upmann brand.

The H. Upmann Hispaniola by Jose Mendez takes its name from the island that encompasses both the Dominican Republic and Haiti.  The secondary name is taken from the legendary Mendez family whose tobacco has been used almost exclusively in Altadis blends for years.  They are known for the famed pilotico and Andullo tobaccos that Montecristo has used in several highly rated cigars.

The Hispaniola is handcrafted in the Dominican at Tabacalera de Garcia, the worlds largest cigar factory.  It is hand-rolled using a blend of these Dominican tobaccos grown only by the Mendez family.  These include the Pilotico and Andullo tobaccos.  For additional complexity, they are also rolled with some Nicaraguan filler tobaccos.  Following the Dominican binder, we see the reddish-brown Ecuadorian Sumatran wrapper that fits in perfectly with the red band.

As stated earlier, this is one of the strongest and most complex H. Upmann cigars to date.  Each puff delivers notes of pepper, spice, and a touch of sweetness and nuts.  The construction is impeccable, with a nice draw and even burn line.  The ash is solid with little to no flaking.

I am incredibly impressed with the H. Upmann Hispaniola and couldn’t be happier that it’s arrived on our shelves.  Pick up your box today at JR Cigars.

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