Fire and Ice- A Hot and Cold Cigar from Rocky Patel!

November 22, 2016

Today we have a nice HOT and COLD review about two premium cigars made exclusively for us by the legendary Rocky Patel, one of the founding fathers of the now thriving Boutique market. Why did we call it hot and cold— because the smokes in question are Fire and Ice – are we clever, or what!

Starting at the bottom of the stogie Fahrenheit scale, Rocky Patel Ice comes with a rustic and oily reddish brown Habano wrapper on top of the finest selection of aged Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos. The result is a beautifully constructed stick with a deep woodsy core, with fragrant notes of earth, cedar, oak, nuts, and sweet spice on the backend. From first ignition to final puff, you can count on a nice slow burn, an effortless draw, and a super- rich smoky aroma that will have you taking time to pause and reflect. Ice is available in four popular sizes, including our JR in-house favorite, the magnificently monstrous 6 x 60-ring Gordo Sixty.

Turning up the heat several notches, Ice’s cousin, Rocky Patel Fire, is a premium firecracker tailor made for those that feel a strong stogie is never quite strong enough! These powerful gems, also featured in four popular sizes (with the same frontmarks as the Ice brand has), features aged long filler tobaccos from Nicaragua, Honduras, and Mexico, a Nicaraguan binder, and for the “fiesta  resistance “, a stunning  brick-red Ecuador Habano wrapper. With complex notes of toast, graham cracker, cinnamon, and sweet molasses, the Rocky Patel Fire will knock you on your ash with high-octane flavors best served while comfortably seated.

Both exclusive blends are not only fragrant and delicious- they are also surprisingly affordable! And, with the famous Rocky Patel tag on every band and 10-count box, you can rest assure that you will smoking something very special! Finally, with a medium and a full body blend in the arsenal, Rocky has your smoking needs covered 24/7!


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