Drew Estate Factory Smokes

December 13, 2019

Drew Estate Factory Smokes

The famous Drew Estate brand that we all know and love today started with Jonathan Drew selling cigars out of a small kiosk in New York City’s World Trade Center in 1995. The following year,  he teamed up with his former fraternity brother Marvin Samel, and shortly thereafter the pair created the massive hit called ACID.  Infused with essential herbs, oils, and botanicals, there’s nothing like an ACID cigar on the market today, and there never will be, because these essential ingredients have remained a well-guarded secret.

Throughout the following years, this dynamic duo would find enormous success in the premium cigar industry when it released Liga Privada in 2007, followed by brands such as Undercrown, Herrera Esteli,  Norteno, and more. Today, Drew Estate has become one of the largest and most prestigious manufacturers of handmade cigars in Nicaragua.

To meet the ever-growing demand for a line of value-priced cigars,  Jonathan, Marvin, and their team of highly skilled blenders created the Drew Estate Factory Smokes.  These are by no means factory seconds, but rather surplus tobaccos that never quite found a home in one of their many top-shelf blends.

Factory Smokes are offered in four popular sizes that are dressed in Sun Grown, Shade, and Maduro wrappers, over perfectly aged Indonesian binder and filler tobaccos. There’s also a sweet tipped variety that adds just the perfect touch of creamy vanilla sweetness to the flavor profile. Like every Drew Estate creation,  they all display immaculate construction, a slow burn, and unfaltering consistency from one affordable 25-count bundle to the next.

Order the perfect Factory Smokes blend, size, and strength profile that suits your palate, and savor a genuine Drew Estate cigar for pennies on the dollar!

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