Don Mateo Cigar Review: Low On Price, High On Flavor

August 10, 2016

Are you guys ready for an inexpensive bundled cigar that will knock your socks off? Well, guess what? You just so happened to find it here with Don Mateo. Hard to believe? It’s one of our best sellers here at JR. It’s economically priced but doesn’t fall short on flavor. Hell, at these prices it wouldn’t matter if you’re smoking it while mowing the lawn, drop it, and then proceed to run over it (and we’re sure it’s great fertilizer)! Available in a ton of sizes, it’s a cigar you don’t want to miss out on. Check out one of our hottest-selling premium bundled cigars at JRCIGARS.COM!


One response to “Don Mateo Cigar Review: Low On Price, High On Flavor”

  1. Richard Matthaei says:

    The Don Mateo cigar was a good value up until about the last 6 months. Something has changed! The burn is awful. Very disappointing. This was my everyday go to cigar.

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