Davidoff Winston Churchill Review

September 10, 2020

Davidoff Winston Churchill Review

I think you would be hard-pressed to find a more legendary and iconic cigar smoker in modern history then Winston Churchill.  One of the most famous politicians in history was never seen without a cigar in his hand.  He relied on his 10 daily cigars as well as a solid supply of brandy and scotch.  Ask anyone who doesn’t smoke cigars to name one famous cigar smoker, and they will undoubtedly say, Winston Churchill.

The man’s impact was so vast, one of the four major cigar sizes, the Churchill, name bears his name.  The Churchill size, usually measuring 7X47, is a typical front mark for any major cigar release.  This is a size carried by almost every cigar company, however there is one company that went further and actually named an entire line for the late Prime Minister.

Davidoff considered the height of the luxury cigar market, originally had a Winston Churchill line several years ago.  It was a very good cigar, but due to its band and artwork and the fact that it didn’t really fit into the Davidoff portfolio brand at the time, the cigar fell into obscurity.  In 2015, the company revitalized the brand, incorporated it into its White Label series, and even worked with the Churchill family to make this a glowing representation of the man himself.

I had the pleasure of smoking the Winston Churchill at its big release party in New York City several years ago.  Since then, it has become not only one of my favorite cigars of all time but one of the best-selling Davidoff cigars on the market.  Today, we are going to light up one of these legendary cigars and take you through it puff by puff.

As always with these reviews, we need to look at the blend and visual aspects before we light it up.  Today we are enjoying the toro size, measuring in at 6 inches with a 54 ring gauge.  It is hand-rolled at the Davidoff factory in the Dominican Republic.

It uses a highly complex blend of tobaccos to give it maximum flavor and smoothness.  The filler is aged Dominican tobacco, including a hybrid color as well as two different tobaccos from Nicaragua.  The binder is a rich and flavorful Negro San Andres binder while the wrapper is a flawless Ecuadorian Habano leaf.

From a visual perspective, the cigar is nearly perfect.  It has a medium brown color to it, just the right amount of oil and hardly any blemishes.  It has a slight sponginess to it, which is what I look for.  The band is a take on the traditional Davidoff White Label band, but with the name, Winston Churchill draped across, along with a golden silhouette of the man himself.  On the cold draw, I am noticing a great amount of airflow as well as slight notes of nuts and wood.

From the first puff, you can’t taste all of the tobaccos playing together at once.  This is something that I love with Davidoffs, you taste all of the different tobaccos together, like a symphony.  Notes of nuts and leather combined with a subtle richness and the slightest dash of spice.  The burn line is tight as an arrow and the ash is solid and white, a representation f the incredibly high-quality tobacco being used.

As we moved into the second third, the spice started to dissipate slightly, while the nutty notes came more to the forefront.  There was also a subtle hint of chocolate which I’m guessing is from the San Andres binder, as well as a touch of floral notes.  The construction continues to be flawless and the strength has remained consistent.  This cigar has that signature flavor that in my entire career I have been unable to name.  It has this savory quality that literally makes you not want to put it down.

The final portion of the cigar can make or break the experience, and with the Winston Churchill, it makes it.  A touch of cream has been added and the slight spice has escalated but remains restrained so as not to overpower the blend.  The smoke output has increased but, much to my pleasure, the strength and flavor haven’t become overbearing, which tends to happen towards the final puffs of a stronger cigar.  This remained steadfast the entire way through, a testament to the quality you can expect from Davidoff.

In my opinion, this is the most well rounded Davidoff and is my favorite for a number of reasons.  It has the strength I look for, but the balance I requite.  Its construction is flawless, its profile complex and it is priced very well for the brand.  This is the Davidoff you can and should add to your regular rotation.

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