Blind Man’s Bluff This Is Trouble 2021 Limited Release Cigar Release

January 5, 2022

Blind Man's Bluff This Is Trouble 2021

Robert Caldwell has established himself as one of the top manufacturers of small-batch boutique cigars on the market today. He’s constantly utilizing the rarest and finest tobaccos for every one of his blends, and for the Blind Man’s Bluff 2021 Limited Release, it’s no different.

“This Is Trouble” 2021 Limited Release cigar encapsulates all these traits of a beautifully rolled, scrumptious premium cigar. Handmade in the Dominican Republic in very limited quantities, This is Trouble 2021 is cloaked in a Mexican San Andres wrapper, all while being bound and filled with tobaccos that hail from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua.

This medium to full-bodied smoke will have your palate detecting flavor notes of leather, earth, caramel, and hints of chocolate that would pair perfectly with a brandy.

This limited-edition Caldwell creation comes in boxes of 20, that are priced at $179.95. So for $9.00 a cigar, you cannot go wrong. Stop by our online store today, to get a very limited and rare smoke that is the Blind Man’s Bluff “This is Trouble”.

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