Alec Bradley Tempus Magistri Cigar Review

September 4, 2020

Alec Bradley Tempus Magistri Cigar Review

The Alec Bradley Tempus was named the #5 Cigar of 2017 with an impressive  91-rating from Cigar Aficionado, along with stellar reviews from other trade periodicals, and the cigar-smoking community alike.  This was my impetuous to review it because although  I’m no stranger to most Alec Bradley blends,  this highly regarded handmade premium cigar somehow remained under my radar.

For this review,   I chose the 6.75 x 54 Magistri, because its eye-catching figurado shape, and a  silky milk chocolate wrapper, covered by elegant gold embossed dual bands,  was making my mouth water just holding this beauty in my hand.

Before I pull out my trusty torch lighter and get the ball rolling, let’s talk about the blend.

Alec Bradley Temprus Magistri Cigar Review

The award-winning   Alec Bradley Tempus cigar line is hand-rolled in Honduras with an aged blend of  Cuban-seed Honduran and Nicaraguan long-leaf fillers which are held together by a  Honduran binder and a rich Habano wrapper. The company bills it as a medium to full-bodied blend.

Lighting this work of art was a breeze thanks to its small tapered foot. A few puffs in and Magistri was already burning like a champ while getting straight down to business with creamy-textured notes of cocoa and subtle hints of pepper. At this early stage, I’m finding it to be a mellow to medium smoke. However, knowing that Figurado cigars start off slow,  thanks to the above-mentioned tapered foot,  I’m anticipating a more powerful smoke when the flame hits the heart of the barrel and she really opens up.

Alec Bradley Temprus Magistri Cigar Review

These early core flavors remained in perfect harmony throughout most of the first third, then, right before moving on to round two, with the barrel fully opened, I detected that satisfying notes of semi-sweet chocolate,  and some woodsy tones were joining the mix. Although billed as a medium to full-bodied smoke, at this stage,  I only find it to be medium in strength.

The second third, all the way down to the nub,  I savored a smoke that was extremely complex and beautifully balanced.   Every puff produced intricate layers of pepper, cocoa, wood, and new flavors of molasses and licorice that seamlessly melded together in perfect harmony. Thick clouds of sweet-smelling smoke greatly  added to the overall enjoyment of this decadent  handmade premium cigar

As for the strength,  I can see how Alec Bradley called Tempus a medium to full-bodied blend, but for me, it leaned more towards the medium side.  That said, this tasty gem had more than enough”  oomph” to be smoked in the evening after a  large meal, and, paired with a fine  Scotch Whiskey.   I can say this with confidence because that’s exactly what I did while writing this Alec Bradley Tempus review!

Alec Bradley Temprus Magistri Cigar Review

Final Thoughts

  • Believe all the hype and top-ratings folks,  for this is truly a  delicious handmade premium cigar that boasts top-notch construction, great burn, and easy draw from beginning to end. The great burn is saying a lot for a Figurado that usually need several touch-ups for it to burn straight.
  • If aesthetics is an important feature for you when choosing a premium cigar, the Tempus Magistri is about as gorgeous as they come.
  • At about $11 bucks a stick, it falls in the moderate to high price category, but with stellar quality and award-winning flavors, it stacks right up there with the very best high-end boutique cigars on the market today.
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