Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua

July 24, 2020

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Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua

Reviwer Profile

Name:Viktar Ramaniuk

Years Smoking:12

Flavor Preference:Strong

Favorite Drink:Single Malt Welsh Whisky

Favorite Food:Ribeye Steak

The Aging Room brand dates back to 2011.  Under the leadership of Rafael Nodal, the brand has grown to be one of the highest-rated cigars in the industry.  Back in 2013, only two years after the company was founded, the Aging Room Quattro was named the N0. 2 cigar of the year.  In 2016, the Aging Room Small Batch was named the No.14 cigar of the year.  These ratings are a big deal for any company, but especially for one as small and new as Aging Room.

In 2017, Rafael brought his talents to AUSA, joining the company as the Head of Product Capability.  He brought with him the Aging Room brand.  He now had the full resources and connections of the largest manufacturer in the industry at his disposal.  It was the job really help blossom a relationship between him and legendary manufacturer AJ Fernandez.

Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua Cigar Review

Rafael and AJ collaborated on several highly lauded brands since his time at AUSA.  These include new iterations of Montecristo and Romeo, the two most iconic brands in the cigar industry.  Rafael next wanted to work with AJ on a personal project, one of his brands.  So they set about to make a brand new Aging Room line, which is now known as the Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua.

The impact of this cigar has been huge, so we thought it prudent to layout an in-depth and detailed review of the Quattro Nicaragua to give you a better idea of what to expect.  First, we need to look at the blend of tobaccos used.  While this cigar is made in AJ’s factory using his tobacco, it is the vision of Rafael that made it what it is.  He handpicked the tobaccos after going through several test blends.  He finally found that perfect combination of aged Nicaraguan filler and binder tobaccos, followed by a stunning Nicaraguan Sumatra wrapper leaf.

Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua Cigar Review

When reviewing a cigar you need to look at it through several different lenses, the first being visual characteristics.  This cigar looks phenomenal.  It is a beautiful box-pressed torpedo with a flawless wrapper, showing hardly any veins and zero blemishes.  It has a standard, black Aging Room band followed by a bright orange secondary band emblazed with the words Nicaragua.  While have brand recognition is important, I wish a cooler band that stands out more could have been used but this one is nice.

The cigar is just the right amount of spongey, not too hard or too soft.  On the cold draw, I noticed the draw was slightly tight, but that might have been my cutting.  On a box-pressed torpedo, you have to be exact with where you are cutting it.  Initial flavors on the cold draw were smooth, with slight touches of earth, coffee, and cocoa.

After the cigar is lit, you can tell you are in for something special.  The initial puffs are smooth but complex.  You will get a slight hit of black pepper on the light, but this slowly fades and makes way for notes of wood, leather, and some earthy tones.  Throughout the first third, the ash was white and tight and the burn was even.

Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua Cigar Review

As I reached the second third, the flavors really began to transition to exactly what I was hoping for.  While the nuttiness and wood were still there slightly, new notes of dried fruit, coffee, and even a slight dark chocolate hint were becoming prevalent.  I also noticed a slight uptick in the strength, but nothing to turn me off.  While the ash remained white and tight throughout this portion, the burn did get slightly wonky and required a touch-up or two.  Nothing crazy but I am a stickler for an even burn.

While entering the final third, I noticed some of the flavors began to vanish as others were ramped up.  It definitely became more creamy but at the same time more rich, while the wood and nutty flavors began to take a back seat.  I loved how the flavors moved around in this cigar, each one hitting their peak, but not overtaking the blend.  Throughout the final third, the burn now remained straight and true, while that ash was almost indestructible, showing the quality of the tobacco and construction.

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Final Thoughts

  • A top-notch, medium to full-bodied cigar with a ton of flavor
  • The construction from any AJ or Aging Room product is always on point, this was another level
  • It is very consistent, as all three samples smoked the same
  • The Aging Room Pelo de Oro was always my favorite Rafael cigar, until smoking this


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