Cigar Podcasts and Vlogs to get you through lockdown

June 1, 2020

Cigar Podcasts and Vlogs to get you through lockdown

There are glimpses that the world is slowly starting to open up again.  However, we are a long way from returning to normalcy if we ever do.  Many people will continue spending the majority of their time in their houses and are going to need to be entertained.

If you are a member of the cigar community, this has been an insane time for content.  With most major cigar icons stuck at home, the number of interviews and behind the scenes looks has increased dramatically.  There is an incredible amount of cigar content out there for you to enjoy.  Let’s take a look at some of the best podcasts and cigar shows that can help get you through the remaining days of lockdown.

JR Cigar

So obviously we are going to shamelessly self-promote, but I’m not going to go too in-depth here.  Here at JR, we have really made a push over the last few years to create new and interesting content.  From our weekly podcast, Long Ash Podcast, to our Top Fives, and our cigar reviews, we aim to cover all aspects of the industry,

During the current situation, we have done a series of Virtual Hers, which are interviews with major manufacturers.  All these videos are available on our YouTube channel, so make sure to take a look.

Cigar Dojo

The Dojo community is one of the largest in the business.  Erik and his team have successfully cultivated a comradery among those fans, that is unlike anything we have ever seen.  They are mostly known for their reviews, their news coverage, and of course their Friday night live show.

Dojo Night live, which starts at 9 pm EST every Friday, is one of the most popular cigar-related programs on the internet.  Each week Erik brings in unique and insightful guests from all facets of the industry.  He can both get to the center of a story while keeping things fun and light-hearted.  He actively engages with his fan base and even gives out awards to some of their most dedicated followers.

Cigar-Coop Prime Time Show

William Cooper, aka Cigar Coop, is one of the most respected cigar media members in the industry.  He is beloved by both industry insiders and the cigar community at large.  Coop has one of the most popular review sites in the business, with many considering him the top reviewer in the industry.  Coop is honest and straightforward but is never unnecessarily brutal in his reviews, which is why he is so respected.

His show, Cigar-Coop Prime Time, is a favorite of mine and many cigar smokers.  He has such a good relationship with most manufacturers and media personalities that he is able to get a wide range of guests.  He asks insightful questions, without coming off too strong or like a 60 minutes interview. If you are looking for one of the most in-depth looks into the industry, look no further then Cigar Coop.

The Lounge Experience

One of the more unique cigar podcasts to appear in the past few years has been the Lounge Experience.  The show is hosted by cigar industry insiders Amy and Erica, who have worked in all facets of the industry from retail to manufacturing and marketing.  This experience gives them an insightful perspective that is hard to replicate if you’ve never actually worked in the industry.

While they do have a wide range of guests, from major manufacturers to cigar media personalities, they also offer some helpful tips to new cigar smokers.  From a good humidor set up to proper cigar etiquette. This show covers a wide range of topics that are both helpful and also fun and interactive.  In an industry dominated by men, it is great to see a show anchored by two women who know the industry inside and out and provide a great source of content.


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