Virtual Herf: Rick Rodriguez of CAO Cigars

April 15, 2020

Virtual Herf: Rick Rodriguez of CAO Cigars

Next up on our Virtual Herf is Rick Rodriguez of CAO Cigars. CAO is known for some of its popular smokes such as the Amazon Basin, Brazilia, and MX2. Tune in now!

Rick Rodriguez gives us some insight as to how it was to train with Benji Menendez before hopping over to CAO. Learning a lot from Benji, Rick was able to adapt his knowledge once he became the man in charge.

Rick Rodriguez hinted at CAO doing something special for their 25th year anniversary. Their first stick, CAO Gold really paved the way for the company.

Next, Nick and Rick talk about how the latest release, the CAO Session, and how it came to be. This one is very near and dear to Rick’s heart.


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