The Long Ash Podcast Episode. 153: Filthy Hooligans

March 17, 2023

Happy St.Patrick’s day to ya! On this special Irish edition of the Long Ash Podcast, Nick and Chris share a pint in honor of St.Patrick with a Red Irish Ale given to us by our friends over at Glenn Brook Brewery in Morristown, NJ.

If Nick and Chris had shillelagh’s this episode they would wag them. If they had bagpipes they would blow them; but instead Nick and Chris enjoyed two incredible smokes from J.R.’s St.Patrick’s day Top5 pack.

Nick enjoyed the Southern Draw Cedrus, a cigar that is as Gaelic as Norse mythology. This floral smoke is beautifully banded with a Keltic design and produces aromas of pine and wheat. Chris enjoyed the traditional St. Patrick’s Day cigar, The Alec Bradley black market filthy hooligan.

The filthy hooligan is staple for every St. Patrick’s Day cigar smoker with its stunning Nicaraguan Baber pole wrapper and trifecta or rich tobaccos, this cigar looks stunning and goes great with any colored beer. Have any good recommendations for St. Patrick’s Day smokes? Let us know and leave a comment!




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