Long Ash Podcast Episode #30

November 22, 2019

Long Ash Podcast Episode #30

This week on the Long Ash Podcast, Greg and Nick try a new stick from Crowned Heads titled “Full Court Press”. This new smoke has perfect ash, wonderful flavor notes, and a wrapper that gives the Full Court Press an elegant look. Greg tutored Nick in the meaning behind the basketball term “full-court press” with some help from Chris.

The guys also discussed the breaking news of congress subcommittee banning all online tobacco sales, flavored cigars, and e-cigarettes. Both Nick and Greg made valid points as to how this bill could affect the cigar industry as we know it.

Lastly, they took another chance and called Jon Huber, founder of Crowned Heads Cigars, to tell him how much they love the new cigar…and he FINALLY answered! Jon, Nick, and Greg discussed the cigar briefly then chatted about College Basketball, College Football, and what’s going on in Major League Baseball.

All of this and more on the latest episode of Long Ash Podcast! Go listen now!

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