Long Ash Podcast Episode 145: Nick Melillo is Indiana Jones

January 20, 2023

Nick and Chris are at it again with a whole new perspective on the final round-up of the best of 2022 cigar list being published out on the inter-webs. From Cigar-Coop to Cigar Dojo, Nick and Chri have the hot take on what’s hot and what’s not.

Smoking the Muestra de Saka – Unstolen Valor and the Ashton Aged Maduro from our Social Media Collection packs (Top 5 Cigars from NACSA and Top 5 Cigars for Winter) Nick and and Chirs discuss Nick Melillo’s carrer and the current climate of his lines shooting to the top of everyones list.

While also touching on some great movie watches they had over the weekend from a Rocky Marathon to Indiana Jones, what are some of your favorite movie characters who are cigar smokers?


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