Long Ash Podcast EP.138: Getting Old School

November 25, 2022

This week on Episode 138 of the Long Ash Podcast, Nick and Chris get old talking about old movies, old comedy, and old cigars that have stood the test of time.

From SNL current events regarding the current political climate in comedy to Pete Davidson funny?


Do you find there are any comedy classics being made anymore? And is content being made as a way to drive reactions out of audiences?


In cigar talk, Nick smokes the Drew Estate Under Crown 10 while making Nick smoke the classic EL Ray del Mundo – a great example of what was popular during the cigar boom in the 90’s. Full body, and full flavor, with great Dominican flavors.


So do you appreciate old films? The legacy of where cinema has come to today. Expand your palette on this week’s episode of the long Ash Podcast.


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