Long Ash Podcast EP.137: Miguel Schoedel

November 18, 2022

This week on episode 137 of the Long Ash Podcast, Nick sits down with Miguel Schoedel, National Sales Manager for Crowned Heads Cigars to talk over his career in the cigar industry, current and future projects, and some interesting changes happening for the Nashville cigar brand.

Becoming a fan of premium cigars in the mid-90’s, Miguel has always had a passion for cigars in his life. He says “Coming from a Latino background, you’re always surrounded by cigar smokers and learn to understand and appreciate the culture that surrounds it.”

As the Cigar-Boom took off, he became such a huge fan of a locally run cigar brand at the time named CAO that he would go on to befriend owner Tim Ozgener who would eventually hire him on in the sales department. Miguel shortly became friends with many cigar insiders, one being John Huber would go on to create some of CAO’s biggest lines at the time and later create his own brand, Crowned Heads after the disband and buy-off of CAO.

Now after 25 years out of the game, Miguel, John, and the rest of the Crowned Heads family are proud to announce Tim Ozgener return to the industry with his brand Ozgener Family Cigars to hit shelves in late 2022 with their first line Bosporus, an Ecuadorian Sumatra-wrapped cigar that is double bound and filled with premium Nicaraguan tobaccos from Esteli, Jalapa, and Ometepe.

Ozgener Family cigars are heavily influenced by his family’s rich history in the cigar industry, from where his parents met in New York, and his Turkish background. For all of you old-school CAO fans – this cigar will be a throwback with its old-school bland and smoke style you will absolutely love.

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