Long Ash Podcast EP.136: Cigar Talk

November 11, 2022

This week Nick and Chris bring you a short yet sweet episode of The Long Ash Podcast that’s all about the smokes.

Chris is looking to expand his palette to learn more about what is out on humidor shelves that people love to smoke. Nick decides he will introduce Chris to foundational cigars he has found were staples in the hands of college and customers that held reputations in the industry.

Smoking the Macanudo Café, Hyde Park size, Nick lists off a few cigars that will he recommends Chris should try like the Partagas Black, Southern Draw Jacobs Ladder, Sobremesa Brulee, and the Foundation Charter Oak Natural.

Later in the episode they get talking about Halloween candy and the desert spread Justin-time’s sister brought in (@byArmandia) that were a huge success at the office Halloween party. Be sure to follow and like and leave a comment and let us know some of your favorite smokes Chris should try.

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2 responses to “Long Ash Podcast EP.136: Cigar Talk”

  1. Paul Dunn says:

    Interesting discussion. When Macanudo was first releasedin the 1970s it was made in Jamaica. One could look in the NY Times Sunday Mag.and see ads for Macanudo.
    Partagas was initially made in Jamaica but like Macanudo moved to the DR. When I worked retail, I always recommended Macanudo for first time cigar smoker.
    In the movie, The Verdict, with Paul Newman, New man asks a cigar vendor for a box of the best cigars and the seller replies, “Macanudo sir” ($32 per box)

  2. Robert Miller says:

    Thanks guys great talk ! Enjoy those Dumbarton and Trust cigars !

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