US ban on Cuban Cigars comes to an end!

October 27, 2016

For centuries, premium handmade Cuban cigars have been considered the best in the world due to having the perfect environment for growing cigar tobacco, impeccable craftsmanship, and the intense, earthy flavors that the smoke provides.

These top-quality sticks, although costly, were easily obtainable in the States up until 1962 when the US embargo against Cuba began. This harsh ban prevented Americans from bringing home Cuban cigars even if purchased in other countries. Then, a few years ago, the no stogie limit was finally lifted and travelers could bring home a measly $100 worth.

Well it took 54- long years, but thanks to President Obama’s directive that would allow Americans to engage in more commerce with the communist-run island of Cuba, American travelers can now bring back an unlimited amount of Cuban alcohol and tobacco – including their famous cigars!

Now, before you eagerly stuff a king’s ransom full of Cuban cigars in your luggage for the return trip home, the bold truth is that not all of them are created equal. Just because a cigar is Cuban, that doesn’t guarantee it will be great. First, do your homework to make sure it fits your preferred strength, and flavor profile, secondly, check reviews online and most importantly, buy them from a reputable shop to assure they are not counterfeit. However, if you purchase such popular Cuban brands as Cohiba, Montecristo, H.Upmann, Punch, or Hoyo de Monterrey, you simply cannot go wrong, because all of these top sellers, have been pleasing enthusiasts for at the very least, 75-years.

After smoking your stash of premium Habanos, will you be spoiled for life? Honestly, we don’t think so, because even though they are unique in taste, the improvement of cigar production in Honduras, the Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua (where all of the above brands are also made) has increased so exponentially in the last couple of decades you will find almost no difference in overall quality and construction.

The easing of sanctions is the first step in what Mr Obama hopes will someday result in open trading with Cuba. When that glorious time finally arrives, and Cuban brands are mingling with all others on cigar store shelves, you will have the wonderful task of finally deciding which country (or countries) makes the best smokes for your particular taste. And, for many, it will open up a completely new world of flavor that they have never experienced.


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