Cigar Alternatives for Tatascan Cigars

December 3, 2020

Tatascan Cigars

Tatascan cigars were the brainchild of famed cigarmaker Christian Eiroa’s father Julio. With decades of cigar rolling expertise, the patriarch of the Eiroa clan created an extremely flavorful Honduran puro that also happened to be very affordable. Rich tasting notes of graham cracker, cedar, pepper, caramel, and subtle hints of citrus, made this limited-edition mellow to medium-bodied cigars fly off our shelves for good. However, all is not lost because we have three other cigars that complement the Tatascan quality and flavor profile very fittingly.

Gispert Cigars

Starting off with Gispert Cigars, this enormously popular brand has been appropriately called “the mellow Honduran”. Although its medium-bodied profile is slightly bolder than what you’ve come to expect from Tatascan, its exceptionally smooth and creamy flavors of cocoa, sweet spice, toasted almond, cedar, and an equally affordable price will have you coming back for more!

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Baccarat Cigars

Next up is Baccarat Cigars. A true classic premium handmade cigar, the affordable Baccarat Cigars are well- known for its flagship line of sweet gum capped cigars that have engaged the palates of mellow to medium-bodied cigar fans everywhere! Creamy smooth flavors of toast, coffee, hints of spice, cedar, and some brown sugar sweetness imparted by the flavored cap, makes it the King of mellow Honduran cigars.

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Perdomo Nick's Sticks

Lastly, is a cigar that’s widely considered one of the best deals on the market today, namely, Perdomo Nick’s Sticks Cigars. Although they are crafted in Nicaragua, as opposed to Honduras, these affordable gems provide flavors of cedar, cocoa, leather, hazelnut, and hints of spice that Tatascan cigar fans will truly love!

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