Still Smoking in Lubbock

October 29, 2014

Last week, the Lubbock city council was supposed to vote on a new smoking ban but instead the vote was postponed indefinitely.  Not for any really good reason, but because the people in favor of the ban wanted more time.  The city already has a smoking ban for restaurants, but the anti’s want it to go further.  The proposal that was put off would ban smoking in all bars and the ban would cover not only tobacco but products with nicotine including e-cigarettes.  Not only that, but the ban would cover outdoor areas as well that are within 20 feet of an entrance.  But there also is a biggie hidden in the rules for defining the outdoor restrictions including:

Banning smoking in a citizen’s car at certain times. This would ban smoking,  “In all outdoor service lines, including lines in which service is obtained by persons in vehicles, such as service that is provided by bank tellers, parking lot attendants, and toll takers. In lines in which service is obtained by persons in vehicles, smoking is prohibited by both pedestrians and persons in vehicles, but only within 20 feet of the point of service.”

This could mean that going through a drive-thru while smoking a cigar, cigarette, e-cigarette, snuff, or dip could become illegal in Lubbock.

The council says it will fine tune the ordinance and bring it back up at a future date.


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