Romeo y Julieta Pasión Teaser

April 20, 2020

Romeo y Julieta Pasión

A few months ago, AUSA hosted one of the first group trips to their factory in Honduras. Nestled in the rolling hills of Santa Rosa, the Flor de Copan factory has been manufacturing some of the most well-known cigar brands for years.  The factory itself is not quite as well-known as it should be and it doesn’t have the size of Tabacalera de Garcia, but what it did have was something far more special. What started out as your typical factory tour turned into quite a memorable and impactful experience for our team.

The factory itself was spectacular, yet what left the biggest impression on us was the staff. Everyone, from field hands to rollers, worked so passionately and with such enthusiasm. They talked about their lives, their craft, their families and in spite of their hardships, they discussed it all with such fervor and love, it was impossible to ever forget. The passion these people had for their work, for their children, for their home and life, in general, was just beyond our understanding.

Romeo y Julieta Pasion

It was this experience that influenced us when creating our newest cigar with AUSA, and we insisted it is made at Flor de Copan. We wanted to create a cigar that showcased the passion of these incredible people and for everyone with the drive and enthusiasm to make their dream a reality.

This is not just the “passion for tobacco”  cigar that you’ve seen time and time again.  It’s about your passion for life, for love, for your craft, and for your family.  It is about exploring your passion and making the most out of it.  It was here that the Romeo y Julieta Pasión was born.

This cigar means more to us then just numbers on a sheet.  It was literally a passion project, not just for us, but for everyone involved.  A passion like that cannot be allowed to burn out, it must be cared for and stoked like a fire. So as you try this new amazing cigar, hand-rolled by these very people, we encourage you to… Ignite Your Pasión!


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