Pricey Padron

December 3, 2014

At this past summer’s Trade Show we noted Padron was celebrating its 50th anniversary and to that end the company was coming out with a special cigar and humidor.  The humidor was filed with 50 special cigars and it was thought that the price for the humidor and cigars would be $5,000.  Whoops, according to Cigar Aficionado the price is now wrong.  The humi and cigars now will retail for $6,000.  To be fair at the time, the company said it did not know what the thing would cost.  The other thing, according to CA, is that the company is going to allow for refills. That was one of the selling points at the show but apparently the family went back and forth on it finally settling on the idea of making refills available, but only to the owners who must register their individually numbered humidor online. (The Padrons also say the humis will come with something like a car title so they can be sold or transferred.) The humidors themselves are limited to 1,000 and should be shipping this week or next.


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