Polar Vortex Pshaw

January 6, 2015

Ok it is winter and it is cold.  It is supposed to be cold this time of year.  But the bitter cold that has griped (Editor's Note: I think this is an appropriate typo) much of the country makes it tough to go outside and enjoy a cigar.  Lighting up a Churchill takes a lot of courage (perhaps the liquid kind) and stamina to keep the feeling in your fingers and toes.

What is really called for, in my opinion, are smaller cigars that can be enjoyed without taking a couple of hours to smoke them.  I have always felt smart companies have smaller cigars for the cold months. 

The guys at Crowned Heads have done just this. Last summer, the company released its Jericho Hill line, the smallest of which is a 5.125” x 44, which is not a bad size.  But in a limited release, the company is coming out with the Jericho Hill Shots –a petit corona measuring 4” x 42.  Nice. Jericho Hill, if you don’t know, takes its name from Johnny Cash’s song Cocaine Blues on his 1968 live album At Folsum Prison. In the song, a man named Willy Lee gets in trouble due to influences of whiskey and cocaine and is captured in Juarez, Mexico…he is brought to justice by a sheriff from Jericho Hill. 

The Jericho Hill uses a dark Mexican San Andres wrapper over Nicaraguan binder and fillers.  It is made at My Father Cigars in Esteli.  It is the first regular production for the company made at Pepin’s factory.  The Shots will be coming in sometime this month but they are a limited winter release, there will only be 50,000 of them in all.  Once they are gone, you’d have to wait until next year.  The goal of the cigar is to provide the same flavor bomb smokers expect from the Jericho Hill but in a much smaller format.  This should help you through the winter, we’ll let you know when they hit.


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