Philly Phanatic

December 10, 2014

The city of Philadelphia has had a smoking ban since 2007.  There have been a handful of exemptions, but last week the city council was talking about adding a few more.  The primary sponsor of the smoking ban Michael Nutter is now Philly’s mayor and he is not too pleased about those on council thinking about making some minor tweaks.

Bonnie Grant of the Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau, who said big conventions increasingly are wary of meeting in cities where smoking is prevalent.

“They are increasingly looking for a smoke-free meeting experience, not just a smoke-free venue, but a smoke-free city, with as few exemptions as possible.”

Yeah right because conventioneers don’t like to drink and smoke… No decision on the waivers to the smoking ban has been made, the council is going to wait until after the new year.


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