Weekly Cigar Roundup: Happy Birthday Jingle

On this episode of Weekly Cigar Roundup, Nick talks about his favorite smokes of the week, sings a jingle to Greg, and Anthony plays the keyboard. Read More

Unboxing New Cigars

Come check out this new cigar shipment we just received! Nick is unboxing all the new cigars that are coming out for jrcigars.com. Read More

Weekly Cigar Roundup: Tall Tales and Short Stools

On this episode of Weekly Cigar Roundup, Nick talks about what cigars he had for the week and why you need a short stool to tell a tall tale. Read More

New Cigar Releases From Alec Bradley with Alec Rubin

Nick and Alec chatted about how Alec and his brother had to prove to their father that they could successfully make a cigar on their own. Read More

Weekly Cigar Roundup: Will Williamson

Watch Nick's weekly cigars he smoked and why Anthony is changing his name. Smoking cigars are a big part of Nick's weekly routine so check out this episode. Read More

Golden Ash Awards-Steve Saka

Steve Saka has been a leading industry figure for decades.  He was one of the originators of online cigar forums and helped bring Drew Estate into the modern, premium cigar era during his tenure as President.  In 2015 he set … Read More

Golden Ash Awards- Most Undone Buttons

Robert Caldwell is a dear friend and a top notch cigar manufacturer.  His ability to pick out amazing blends is only surpassed by his incredible artistic vision, which makes Caldwell Cigars one of the premier boutique offerings on shelves … Read More

Weekly Cigar Roundup: Summer Time Stickin’

Nick and Anthony are back with another great week of cigars.  Nick talks about what he smoked all week and how crooked Anthony's sunglasses are. Read More

2019 IPCPR Highlights

RoMa Craft Baka

This years IPCPR show saw the release of a new cigar from RoMa Craft known as the RoMa Craft Baka.  While it is being called an annual limited release, we can expect to see more RoMa Craft Bakas then … Read More

Highclere Castle Victorian

  The 2019 IPCPR tradeshow saw the release of the newest cigar from Foundation Cigars, the Highclere Castle Victorian.  The Highclere Castle cigar was a high end premium offering that takes its name from the famed castle in … Read More

New Cigars from Foundation

As the saying goes, everytime Foundation cigars releases a new cigar an angel gets its wings.  This year, quite a few angels were flying around the Foundation booth.  Nick Melillo not only brought an entirely new line to IPCPR, … Read More

New Cigars from Crowned Heads

As noted on the Long Ash Podcast and several other videos, seeing the new cigars from Crowned Heads was at the top of my list this year.  As always they did not disappoint.  Their booth is not as big as … Read More

Weekly Cigar Roundup: Hall without Oates

Nick and Anthony check in to inform our audience that there is no Weekly Cigar Roundup this week, due to the mayhem they're going through at IPCPR! Read More

Nick and Greg’s Blind Taste Test Journey

Nick and Greg embark on a new, exciting adventure! Blind Taste Testing Cigars! Secret Chris gave them three cigars with little to no details about each cigar. Read More

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