Cigar Alternatives for Nicaraguan Seconds

December 8, 2020

Nicaraguan Seconds

Nicaraguan Seconds started out as premium cigars from a famed unnamed factory that didn’t quite find their way into a box due to some minor imperfections. This includes slightly off-color wrappers, the occasional sunspot, a protruding vein here or there, and occasionally, a slight discrepancy in size. Quite honestly, these flaws hardly affected the taste. Bottom line: Smokers were able to enjoy a smoke with bold, rich Cuban style flavors for a mere pennies on the dollar.

We knew from the get-go that these tasty factory seconds would only be available as long as supplies last. However, we have several other lines of Nicaraguan Seconds readily available here at JR Cigar that also never made the final cut due to the same minor inconsistencies. This includes the Oliva Seconds Cigars.

Oliva Seconds

Available in seven different blends all hailing from this award-winning brand portfolio, Oliva Seconds Cigars are an amazing deal! In fact, due to Oliva’s rigorous quality control standards, these seconds would-be first-rate cigars if produced by many other cigar manufacturers.


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Nicaraguan Overruns

This holds true for other enormously popular Nicaraguan seconds that include Nicaraguan Overruns, which are available in a staggering array of premium blends and wrapper styles.

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Rocky Patel Factory Seconds

Less than perfect but pretty darn close, Rocky Patel Factory Seconds are medium to full-bodied in flavor and come blended with aged Nicaraguan and Honduran filler tobaccos. Since Rocky settles for nothing less than perfection, the silky Ecuadorian wrappers that cover these fine smokes are slightly blemished, but the super affordable price makes it an everyday smoke that’s certain to exceed all your expectations.

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E.P. Carrillo Overruns

If these three gems, along with Nicaraguan Factory Overruns, and E.P. Carrillo Overruns haven’t soothed your cravings for the original Nicaraguan Seconds, then, nothing else will! Check them all out when shopping for your favorite daily smokers’ right here at JR Cigar.

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