L’Atelier La Mission Deal!

March 30, 2020

L'Atelier La Mission Deal!

Pete Johnson of Tatuaje fame launched a sub-brand known as L’Atelier.  It is an offshoot of Tatuaje, and although the cigars are still crafted at the My Father factory, the look, taste, and smoke differently than your average Tatuaje.  There is a touch of elegance and luxury to the brand, which I think was the point.  Among the several top releases from L’Atelier, I always found myself drawn to the La Mission.

Named after a famed winery, a favorite of Pete, La Mission is a spectacular and well-balanced smoke.  It is crafted with aged Nicaraguan tobaccos, including the special Sancti Spiritus leaf, grown only for Pete Johnson. It’s San Andres wrapper adds in touches of dark fruit notes and a slight spice, making this an excellent pairing for a full red wine.

Today, we are offering boxes of the La Mission for only $99.  Just click here and use Coupon Code Mission today for your special price!


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