La Palina Nicaraguan Oscuro

November 14, 2017

AJ Fernandez, a renowned master blender, and one of the hottest names in the premium cigar biz, teamed up with Bill Paley, owner of La Palina, to create the dark and delicious line of La Palina Nicaragua Oscuro cigars. This exceptional blend features an oily, seamless, Ecuadorian wrapper over the finest aged Nicaraguan binder and long filler tobaccos. Once lit, you will experience a bold, yet exceptionally smooth and creamy smoke, with a deep spicy core, and mouthwatering notes of oak, cinnamon, chocolate, coffee, and leather. A full-bodied indulgence, the luxury line of La Palina Nicaragua Oscuro cigars are available right here at JR in elegant 20-count dress boxes.


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