JR Salutes Armed Forces Week

May 7, 2015

Our brave men and women of the United States armed forces serve this nation with distinction and honor. They are selfless in their goal for freedom, and committed to making tremendous sacrifices for the protection of this great country. They are Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, National Guard, Reserve Units, and Coast Guardsmen, and on a more personal note, they are our parents, spouses, siblings, friends, and neighbors.

Defending our freedom is a full time job and an often-painful one for these brave and committed men and women. They work long hours and spend holidays, birthdays, and other milestones far from loved ones, many in dangerous locations like Iraq, Afghanistan or wherever else they are called to duty.

One thing remains the same, whatever branch of service they honor; these troops swore to uphold the highest traditions of the United States military, knowing their sacrifice could include paying the ultimate price.

They are the best America has to offer.

This year May 9 to May 17, is officially Armed Forces week. This is a time of celebration, and recognition. A time to honor those who serve, or have served our country with their unyielding devotion to protect our core values as written in our Constitution.

At JR Cigar, our customers have the right to purchase and smoke whatever they want. They can live wherever they want, and speak their mind without the fear of repercussion from an oppressive government that tells you how to think.

JR Cigar as always, thanks our troops for defending these unalienable rights that make us the envy of the rest of the world.

For this, and all of the other great things that they do, we will be honoring Armed Forces Week by running another fantastic promotion where we will be donating even MORE great premium cigars to our troops.

This is nothing new for us though, along with shipping cigars to just about every remote base in Iraq, Afghanistan, and wherever troops are deployed, we will always continue to honor our 10% military discount for soldiers, veterans, and life-saving first responders.

Armed Forces Week, like every other day of the year, is a chance for us to make our warriors happy by giving them the opportunity to kick back and relax with a top-quality smoke after a hard day defending our freedom.

The outpouring of thanks that we get from America’s finest for giving them such a simple pleasure, chokes us up with emotion and makes us want to stand up and salute!

We humbly thank all of you for your service!


2 responses to “JR Salutes Armed Forces Week”

  1. Luke Cameron says:

    Love this article. Good job JR for supporting our troops

  2. Luke Rowan says:

    Go USA!

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