What to expect From JR’s Cyber Week Deals in 2020

November 20, 2020

Everyone knows the two biggest shopping days of the year are Black Friday and now Cyber Monday.  For decades Black Friday has been the day to score huge savings on items for the holidays in a retailer store while Cyber Monday has been the pillar of online holiday shopping for the past few years.

As you have seen so far, JR Cigar has put together a sizable list of insane deals and offers for Black Friday and you can expect the same for Monday.  However, don’t think we forgot about this weekend.

Cyber Saturday and Sunday might not have the name recognition of the other two days, but we are going full steam ahead none the less.  For this weekend we are offering even more insane offers and savings on your favorite cigars and accessories.

Don’t forget, we are offering free shipping on all orders all week… except for machine-made cigars.. that’s the only rule!

What to expect From JR’s Cyber Week Deals in 2020

Let’s start with Cyber Saturday.  For 12 hours we are offering over 50% on boxes from the industry’s top brands.  We are talking AJ Fernandez, Rocky Patel, and Aganorsa, all for more than half off!

IF you are a fan of smooth and slight sweet cigars, then you have the chance to stock up on the best-selling Baccarat.  $10 off and 5 free cigars from this popular line will certainly make your Saturday.

How about Cyber Sunday? Are there any good deals then?  You bet there are!  If you love free cigars from the world’s largest manufacturer, well get ready for this. Buy any box of select cigars from AUSA, we are giving you 12 assorted cigars for free.  The boxes you can buy include the amazing Monte by Montecristo, the flavorful H. Upmann by AJ, or the highly-rated Trinidad Espiritu.

What to expect From JR’s Cyber Week Deals in 2020

Say you prefer smaller packaging, a 10 pack for instances.  Well, during our Happy Hour herf, we are offering huge savings on assorted 10 packs.  Everything from Romeo and Montecristo to Acid and Alec Bradley, 10 packs are going to be selling for next to nothing!

All week long, JR Cigars is offering amazing deals on thousands of our products so make sure to check us out!



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