Et Tu Kentucky?

January 22, 2015

Apparently Kentucky is eying tobacco as a way of increasing revenues for the state.  A tax bill introduced into the House (HB132) makes a lot of changes to the commonwealth’s tobacco taxes. First up is a dollar a pack increase on the sale of cigarettes. Snuff and chewing tobacco are also in the crosshairs with their taxes doubling.  As for cigars, e-cigarettes and pipe tobacco, the bill proposes stores do a physical inventory at the end of September then pay  floor tax of 25% of their cost that basically triples the current tax. This is part of a much bigger tax bill so not sure how serious they are on this.  The legislature also has introduced a statewide smoking ban proposal again. The anti’s never give up even though they were shot down in the last session.  The Cigar Rights of America is heading to Frankfort to try to head off this bill.


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