Cigar Smoking Champion

December 4, 2014

Apparently this is a thing.  A cigar smoker in Nashville was crowned best cigar smoker at the 5th annual Cigar Smoking World Championships held at Club Mareva.  The winner is Darren Cioffi and he apparently is the first ever American to win the title. 

From what I can gather, there are qualifying tournaments around the world (or at least in Europe) which you must win in order to qualify for the Championships.  So you ask how is it judged?  Based on time.  It looks like the winner must puff on a Montecristo No 4 for the longest time.  (This is the Cuban version not the Dominican Monte No 4 because the sizes are different.  The Cuban one is 5” x 42 while the Dominican one is 4” x 44).

Cioffi smoked into a world record as well by taking one hour, 55 minutes and 35 seconds to finish the little smoke.  The previous record was one hour, 52 minutes and 10 seconds.  (Really almost 2 hours for a Monte 4?) The rules again apparently are that the cigar cannot go out.  No word on whether Cioffi burnt his fingers.

The group will try again next year so if you want to practice to get ready for it (though unless you are really cheap why would you want to take so freaking long on a short cigar—variety is the spice of life) you could use the Dominican Monte No. 4 and see how long you can go.  Just remember it is shorter and fatter than the Cuban version.  But if you want to match the dimensions for practice you could try the Ramon Allones Certified Vintage 1992 Size D which is 5” x 42.   Good luck.


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