Cigar Alternatives for Chiefwoods

December 21, 2020

Chiefwoods Cigars

Chiefwoods were popular machine-made cigars that paid homage to Native American tradition and craftsmanship. These crude rustic smokes were crafted with genuine short filler tobaccos rolled inside Connecticut Broadleaf wrappers to provide a smooth and mellow smoke with a luring sweet aroma. The Chiefwoods cigars were available in four mouthwatering flavors: Natural, Sweet Aromatic, Golden Honey, and Wild Grape.

Unfortunately, we no longer carry these value-priced little cheroots, but our large inventory contains some excellent alternatives to this brand.

Backwoods Cigars

The one that comes to mind first is the world-famous Backwoods Cigars. These top-quality machine-made shaggy foot cigarillos, crafted with the brand’s signature Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed tobaccos,  are covered in a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. Available in Dark Stout, Honey Berry, Honey Bourbon, and the original Sweet Aromatic, Backwoods offer a delectable blend of delicious flavors that cater to everyday smokers with a sweet tooth. Next up is Black & Mild Cigars.

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Black & Mild Cigars

One of the best-selling little pipe tobacco cigars in the world, Black & Mild Cigars have been satisfying smokers for generations with tasty blends that include Wine, Apple, Cream, Cherry, and more tantalizing treats.

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Havana Honeys

If this assortment of pocket-friendly flavor bombs doesn’t quite wet your whistle, check out the flavorful selection of Havana Honeys, or some of the dessert-style smokes from Phillies Cigars, and White Owl.

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