Macanudo Partagas Certified Vintage Cigars

March 9, 2020

You guys seemed to like our flash sales so much, we decided to make them a sort of regular things.  Today we are featuring two of my favorite vintage smokes.  The Macanudo Vintage 1988 and the Partagas Certified Vintage 1998.  These packs have been aging in our warehouse for years, making them even smoother than before.  They usually go for crazy money, close to $200.  However, I think it’s a shame to see these top cigars just sitting there so I’ve decided to slash the price.

Use Coupon Code VINTMAC for the Macanudos or VINTPAR for the Partagas, and you’ll get a pack of 10 of these beauties for $39.95. Pick them up right here!!!!

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