Cars and Gars… Coming Soon!

September 3, 2015

Do you like awesome cars and cigars? Well, so do we! Cars & Gars is a video concept created by cigar and car gurus Anthony and Nick to bring the gear-head and cigar connoisseur lifestyles together. Take a spin with us as we hop into some of the fastest, most exotic, and luxurious automobiles we can get our hands on. Not only will you learn a little bit about each car we drive, but we’ll pair a cigar we think fits the overall feel of the vehicle. Each episode will feature an exclusive coupon code that viewers can use on the JR Cigars website to get a smokin’ deal on the cigar that’s representing our ride. Check out the short teaser for the upcoming premier episode to be launched next week. Want to know what we’re smoking and driving? Guess you’ll have to sit down, strap in, and stay tuned to find out.


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