Top Tips for Decking Out Your Ideal Man-Cave

January 13, 2020

Top Tips for Decking Out Your Ideal Man-Cave

Every man dreams of one day being able to set up his very own man-cave.  Having an area of the home that is completely dedicated to your style and your hobbies is life goals.  For cigar smokers, it also offers a great alternative to having to sit in your driveway the entire winter freezing your tail off.

Many of you might have the opportunity to one day set up your ideal man-cave, but it’s important to know the basics of what you need in order to have the ultimate man-cave.  Let’s look at some of the necessities for setting up your perfect man HQ.


With the advent of modern television technology, it is easy to get a top-notch, big flat screen for not a lot of money.  For the man cave, I say go big or go home.  I actually just picked up a Samsung 65” 4k for $600, and it is a thing of beauty.

A big clear television is the epicenter of the man-cave.  From sporting events to movies, this is where the focus of the room will be, so it’s important to have something with high resolution and great sound.


Seating in the area is dependent on how many people you plan on visiting the man-cave.  You can do something like simple recliners, a nice couch, or multiple theater seats to host fight nights or Super Bowls.

I came upon this awesome chair and I am pretty sure it would be my go-to.  It has a recliner, is big and comfortable, USB ports for charging, and even storage under the armrests for cigars, snacks or remote controls.  This would be the lap of luxury.




For you cigar smokers out there, this is your chance to set yourself up for life with a high-end, stand up a humidor. You want something big enough to store boxes and something looks ill look like a nice furniture piece.

Something like this stand-up unit would look great, but if you have the money I also recommend getting a humidor built into the wall.  I have seen this before and it is beyond awesome and convenient.


What kind of man-cave would this be without some time of refrigeration unit? You’re going to need something to keep your beers and or sodas cold, so adding a fridge to the space is a major necessity.  You’ll want something big enough to store a solid amount of items, but not too big where it takes up too much space.

This bad boy from EdgeStar can hold up to 105 cans at a time and won’t break the bank.  Its clear door makes viewing your options nice and easy and it won’t take up an inordinate amount of space.  Now, just stock it up with your favorite beverages and you are good to go!


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