How to Throw the Perfect St. Patrick’s Day Herf

March 9, 2020

How to Throw the Perfect St. Patrick’s Day Herf

St. Patrick’s Day is not so much a religious holiday, but more of a celebration of the Irish culture.  As the saying goes, “On St.Paddy’s Day, Everyone is Irish”.  This can ring true for you as well.  Instead of just heading to the local pub this year, why not throw you and your friends a little shindig? Seeing as this is a cigar blog, turning this party into a makeshift herf is always possible.

A Herf, or a cigar party, is a gathering of like-minded folks from the cigar community.  As herfs generally involve alcohol and fun times anyway, having one on St. Patrick’s Day seems like the perfect fit.  So, here is how you can throw the perfect Herf for St. Patricks Day this year.


Any herf, regardless of the holiday, isn’t complete without bringing some cigars.  However, seeing as this is a themed party, it would make sense to bring some smokes that truly represent the occasion.  Luckily for you, Alec Bradley has the perfect cigars for you to bring to your St. Patricks Day Herf.

First, we have the annual release, the Filthy Hooligan.  Based on the Black Market line, the Filthy Hooligan is Alec Bradley’s St. Patrick’s Day release and has gone through many variations over the years.  The 2020 version is a barber pole that splits between a Honduran Candela, for that green effect and a Nicaraguan Maduro leaf.

The past two years, Alec Bradley has also released a second, special addition for this holiday.  The Alec Bradley Shamrock doubles down on the barber pole concept by actually splitting the wrapper between three leaves.  It uses a Honduran Candela, Habano Seco, and Habano Maduro leaf.  This gives this cigar unprecedented flavor, and a little luck as well.

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As I already did an article concerning what you should be drinking for the holiday, which can be found here, I’ll keep this section short.  For St. Patrick’s Day, you should be alternating between the two famed Irish beverages: beer and whiskey.

For beers, you can obviously go with Guinness.  This famed, creamy stout is always a popular choice for the occasion.  However, in recent years I’ve also become a fan of Smithwicks Irish Red Ale.  This sweet and malty ale has been around for hundreds of years and is another great choice.

While there are several top-notch Irish whiskeys, I’m sorry to say that because of my personal preference, we shall only be talking about one, and that, of course, is Jameson.  One of the best-selling Irish whiskeys in the world, Jameson is balanced, flavorful, and affordable.

st. patricks day herf

Irish Games

Being an Italian, I am not too familiar with Irish drinking games.  However, I found a great website that has a list of what seems like incredibly fun games.  After a quick glance, I’ll lay out a few I think sound the most fun. Shot Potato, which is basically hot potato but with a shot, sounds like a good time, as does Irish poker.

Just remember to drink responsibly and don’t drink too much that you can’t enjoy your cigars.  While it might be St. Patricks Day, it is a herf first and foremost, so the enjoyment of cigars is paramount.


st. patricks day herf


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