Celebrities who smoke: Tom Cruise

June 27, 2024

Celebrities who smoke: Tom Cruise

When you think of Tom Cruise, what comes to mind? High-octane action scenes, his megawatt smile, or maybe his iconic pop culture moments?

What you might not immediately think of is a lesser-known part of Tom Cruise’s life: his appreciation for a good cigar.

Join us as we uncover the man behind the movie star and his cigar-smoking habits, highlighting some of his most memorable on-screen smoking moments. These are some smoking hot details you won’t want to miss.

Who is Tom Cruise?

Tom Cruise is one of Hollywood’s biggest names and has been a successful actor for over four decades. Born in 1962, the American actor and producer has become a household name thanks to his charming looks, intense captivating on-screen presence, and penchant for performing his own stunts.

Cruise landed his first on-screen role as Billy in Endless Love (1981). He portrayed a few smaller roles before he rose to fame, with breakout roles in films like Risky Business (1983) and Top Gun (1986). Since then, he’s been the face of major franchise Mission: Impossible (1996) and has starred in countless blockbusters. From action-packed thrillers to dramatic roles, Cruise has shown he can do it all.

But Cruise isn’t just known for his movies. He’s also famous for his love for quality cigars.

Does Tom Cruise smoke?

Tom Cruise enjoys a good smoke — but he doesn’t reach for cigarettes. The action star has a more refined taste, preferring the long draw of a cigar instead.

Cruise has been spotted with cigars on multiple occasions, though these sightings have become less common since he converted to Scientology in the early 90s. However, there are rumors that Cruise and David Miscavige, the Church leader and a fellow cigar lover, still regularly enjoy aged Cuban stogies together.

Cruise doesn’t seem to be a chain smoker or a daily cigar enthusiast. Instead, he indulges in occasional cigars for special occasions, perhaps to celebrate a successful movie premiere or to unwind after an intense stunt sequence. Top Gun director Tony Scott commissioned a Daniel Marshall 500 cigar humidor to gift to Cruise during filming, a present the cigar fan likely appreciated.

Although you’re unlikely to see Tom Cruise walking around with a cigar in hand, it seems that behind closed doors, he’s one to light up a stogie when the mood strikes.

Smoking scenes in Tom Cruise movies

Tom Cruise has had his share of on-screen smoking moments, especially cigarette smoking in movies like Risky Business (1983) and Rain Main (1988). Of course, what we’re interested in are Cruise’s most notable cigar-smoking scenes.

For Jerry Maguire (1996), Cruise requested a scene be filmed at the exclusive cigar club, the Grand Havana Room in Los Angeles. Several cast members, including Cruise, light up cigars during Jerry’s (Cruise) bachelor party. Scenes in the cigar lounge added a touch of luxury and sophistication to the film, while also reflecting the actor’s taste for cigars both on and off-screen.

Valkyrie (2008) featured Cruise smoking cigars as Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg. Filming the movie offered the actor one of the few occasions where his real-life love of cigars could be portrayed through one of his characters. As a cigar smoker himself, it’s no surprise the sticks he lit up on set were real, opting for authenticity over props.

It’s worth noting that, as Cruise’s public smoking habits have changed, his smoking scenes in movies have also become less frequent. The actor’s more recent films are more likely to see him hanging off a building than hanging out with a cigar. Still, his past flicks are a nod to one of his long-treasured hobbies — kicking back with a premium cigar.

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What are Tom Cruise’s favorite cigars?

Although Tom Cruise doesn’t openly discuss his cigar preferences, there are some rumors and occasional reports about his tobacco tastes.

Many close to the star claim Cruise has a soft spot for Cuban cigars, or available alternatives here in the US. He’s been specifically associated with Cohiba Cigars, a brand known for its premium quality and rich history. The cigars are acclaimed for their unique extra fermentation process in wooden barrels, which gives them a subtle sweetness and a wonderful variety of flavors.

Cruise reportedly had a standing order for Cohibas with tobacconists in Geneva and London. The stogies are often considered the cream of the crop in the cigar world, aligning well with Tom’s A-list status and refined taste in smokes.

There has been speculation that Cruise also enjoys Montecristo cigars, another well-respected brand known for its similarities to Cubans. These sticks are celebrated for their smooth, well-balanced flavor — perfect for a post-stunt de-stress, we imagine.

Like any cigar enthusiast, Cruise likely experiments with several brands and types. And while information about his smoking preferences isn’t straight from Tom’s mouth, high-end stogies seem right up his alley.

Want to light up like the star himself? Explore the JR Cigars collection of premium Cuban alternatives and indulge in the luxury of a celebrity lifestyle — no acting skills required.


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