Cigar Humidor Maintenance

May 13, 2019

Cigar humidor maintenance can be quite simple, but it is incredibly important to ensure that your cigars are fresh.  Maintaining your cigar humidor will ensure that you will have the optimal smoking experience when you light up your cigar.  Before we get int to eh step by step plan in setting up and caring for your cigar humidor, let’s do a brief intro for beginners on what a humidor is.


A cigar humidor is any form of container in which you can effectively store your cigars while keeping them humidified and fresh.  It needs to be airtight and have the ability to hold in moisture so as not to dry out your cigars.  The most common type of cigar humidor is usually a wooden desktop variety made with Spanish or red cedar, while more modern cigar humidors opt for plastic.  Keeping your cigars fresh in your humidor is important for the smoking experience.


A dried out cigar will not smoke properly and will usually crumble while cutting and smoking, so keeping them at the right humidity is paramount. The humidity range should be between 65% to 72% while 70% is your perfect setting.


Inside of the humidor is two important devices used to maintain your humidity level.  First is your humidifier, which will hold either distilled water or a glycol solution to provide moisture.  You should never use tap water because the natural minerals in it may damage your cigar leaf or cause mold.  The second piece is known as the hydrometer, a gauge that tells you the level of humidity.


If you don’t mind a few steps, purchasing a high-end humidifier and hydrometer are a nice, easy way to control the humidity in your humidor.  However, if you are looking for a way to humidify your cigars without a lot of steps, using humid packs from brands such as Boveda are a nice easy way to keep your cigars fresh without the hassle.  You can purchase all your humidifying accessories right here at Jr Cigars.




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