Cigar Aficionados Top 25 of 2015 – #10, #9, #8

December 14, 2015

It is around this time of year where many folks begin to fill their lives with thoughts of sugar plum fairies, hot chocolate, and the big man in the red suit stopping by their house. However, for some of us, this time of year holds a much more significant meaning. It is the time when Cigar Aficionado releases their Top 25 Cigars of the Year. Yes, there are many reputable websites and magazines that also give a ranking, but for over 2 decades, Cigar Aficionados has been seen as the penultimate. Today they released numbers 8,9, and 10. Lets take a look.

#10.) Liga Privada No. 9 Corona Doble – This is the cigar that took Drew Estate from a well known manufacturer into the powerhouse it is today. The Liga Privada line is constantly ranked among the most sought after cigars on the American Market. It is powerful, yet smooth. Its long filler is a blend of Honduran and Nicaraguan vintage tobacco while its wrapper is a rich dark brown Connecticut Broadleaf. It has become a staple among full-bodied smokers. This 7 x 54 beauty was granted a 94 rating this year.

#9.) Bolivar Belicoso Fino- Considered one of the strongest Cuban cigars every created, this figurado has become legendary among aficionados worldwide. It has a slightly bigger ring gauge then most Cubans and is also the only figurado in the Bolivar line. It is very smoky, with hints of coffee, cocoa, and earth. Of course, as any other Cuban cigar, it uses strictly Cuban tobacco for the filler binder and wrapper. This 5 ½ by 52 was granted a 94 rating this year.

#8.) Ashton Symmetry Robusto– The first big release from the Ashton company in nearly 10 years, the Symmetry was one of the most talked about cigars when it was unveiled in 2014. Lets just say it was definitely worth the hype. It took 4 years for the Fuente Family to create a blend that they felt was perfect for this line, and the blend they chose was spectacular. The cigar was named Symmetry in order to incorporate the theory of balance that was used during its creation. It is a smooth medium but with intense flavor. Its filler is a blend of vintage Dominican and Nicaraguan long filler, while its beautiful reddish wrapper is an Ecuadorian Habano. The first Ashton to use Nicaraguan tobacco, this 5 x 50 gained a 94 rating.

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