Colibri Heritage Humidors

September 20, 2019

Colibri Heritage Humidors

If you’re in search of something more unique than your standard wooden-box humidor, then, the famous  Colibri brand may have the storage device that you’ve been looking for, with the exciting new Colibri Heritage Humidor line.

There’s no mistaking that the Colibri Heritage Humidor is one of the sharpest and coolest looking units that the brand has ever produced. A brand made famous for its top-quality cigar lighters and cigar cutters, Colibri has really stepped up their game with these stunning storage devices.

Designed in London, the Colibri Heritage Humidor is available in red, black, and grey colored models that feature a cubed three-dimensional modern design expertly hand-carved into its rich mahogany wood exterior. This is not a new concept for Colibri, for the Heritage Humidor design was inspired by their highly sought-after Quasar Tabletop lighter and Tabletop Cutter series.

Along with its eye-catching beauty, the Colibri Heritage Humidor will store up to 125 of your favorite handmade premium cigars in the luxurious airtight confines that they truly deserve. This stunning showpiece also comes equipped with a premium quality digital hygrometer for faultless humidity readings, an adjustable and magnetic humidification system, and two dividers for separating your brands. In addition, for further aging, and the all-important marrying process, the Colibri Heritage Humidor is lined with the very best kiln-dried Spanish cedar that was oven cured to perfection, to remove any lingering sap from the wood. This is an all-important curing process featured on many high-end humidors,  because sap expands with humidity and can damage the wrapper of your valuable cigars, thus making them un-smokable.

The heirloom-worthy  Colibri Heritage Humidor will give you many years of reliable cigar storage and humidification while adding a look of distinctive luxury to any smoking environment. Pair it with the Colibri Quasar Table Lighter and Quasar Table Cutter, and, you will have the best-looking cigar den on the planet!

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