CasaMontez Sun Grown – A Very Tasty New Cigar From Perdomo

November 19, 2015

Nick Perdomo is one of the true legends in the premium cigar industry, and in this past year alone, he has unleashed some of his most impressive and highly rated creations to date. He has attained this legendary status by skillfully combining traditional Cuban tobacco growing and aging methods with new state of the art technology. Those lucky enough to take one of his factory tours (including myself) will discover that instead of using traditional soil analysis on all of his farms, Perdomo uses GPS and a drone system that utilizes infrared heat. This groundbreaking method quantifies the exact amount of fertilization needed on all of his farms to produce the perfect crop.

Please bear in my mind that this information is highly classified. Those who repeat it will be deported to Nicaragua and spend seven grueling years imprisoned in the steamy Perdomo curing barn.

In addition to this space-age farming, every single cigar coming out of Tabacalera Perdomo is aged to perfection, and goes through a seemingly endless amount of quality control inspections before receiving Nick’s personal stamp of approval.

With that said, we were very excited to find out that Nick was creating a special line of top-quality sticks just for us! That’s right folks, you can scour all of Stogyland for the new CasaMontez Sun Grown Cigars, but the only place you will find them is right here at JR Cigar.

Now that you know where to get them, let me tell you why I think they are worthy of some prime real estate in your trusty humidor.

CasaMontez is an all- Nicaraguan puro with a stunning dark brown Sun Grown wrapper made with Cuban seed. Seamless, and silky to the feel, this oily leaf covers Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos made from a special harvest, grown in a designated lot that contains the most fertile and volcanic soils found on the family farm in Estelí.

Beautifully banded, the finished work of art is placed inside high gloss, mahogany dress boxes of 20, stylishly emblazoned with the brand logo.

CasaMontez comes to you in three popular sizes. The Gordo, a 6 x 60 beast, a classic 5 x 50 Robusto, and a  smoke made only  by  the factory’s most skilled rollers –  the 6.5 x 54 Torpedo.

The pre-light inspection shows off a cigar that is impeccably crafted, packed solid, and displays musky, yet pleasing notes of hay, earth, and raisin, components often found on a perfectly aged vitola.

Upon lighting, this cigar starts with a bang, delivering a hearty dose of pepper and dried fruit, but this initial blast quickly subsides, yielding a more intricate medium-bodied flavor profile. The remainder of the smoke presents layer upon layer of dense, rich, and oaky flavors, with subtle hints of tangy spice and leather.

As if to tease, the final few puffs deliver a creamy sweet essence that lingers on the palate, and makes it very hard to put down without toasting your thumb. Those of you that survived (or can remember), the rebellious 60’s and 70’s, will be wishing you had your old roach clip handy to savor these last few tasty morsels. And those of you that still have all of your brain cells may know that they actually make a roach clip just for use on cigars – But I digress …

Kudos to Nick Perdomo and gang for creating another winner, and did I mention that you can only buy them at JR? Of course, I did – now get off your ash and order yourself a box (or 2) of CasaMontez Sun Grown Cigars today – You can thank us later!


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