Cabanas™: Coming Soon

October 8, 2019

Every cigar smoker worth their salt knows of the legendary Cuban heritage brands.  From Montecristo and Cohiba to Punch and Romeo, these brands are forever cemented in the history of the cigar industry.  However, if you read deep into history you will find that none of these were, in fact, the first Cuban cigar brand.  That distinction is given to a brand known as Cabanas™.

First introduced in 1810, the brand continued on and off as a local Cuban brand until around 2005, before it was discontinued in favor of the larger more international brands.  However, the illustrious history of the modern-day cigar industry all began with this boutique, locally crafted cigar.

This month, we will announce a new, exclusive product that bears the name of this historic cigar.  While we are keeping many of the details a secret, I will let you know that it was blended by the talented blenders at My Father™ in Nicaragua.

Over the next few weeks more details will begin to emerge as we get ready to unveil our newest exclusive cigar unto the world, so stay tuned and get your humidor ready for the brand-new Cabanas™.


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