Bye Gene

July 15, 2014

Gene Tipton has been a fixture at the trade shows.  As VP of Premium Cigars for Altadis USA, Gene is one of those great guys who everybody likes.  This year will be his last trade show.  He is retiring after a 50 year career. He started way before Altadis even existed in June of 1964 by working for Havatampa Cigar.  Eventually that company became part of Altadis.  His advice to new comers…

“If you love what you are doing, stick with it.” He admits he’s seen his share of change – some of it good, some bad – but it always works out in the end, he says. “If you work hard, people will notice.”

At 69, Gene now plans to get in a little relaxation.  He’ll spend time with his family and enjoying sport fishing and some golf.  Most likely Gene will still visit local shops in Florida where he lives to take some time with a good cigar.  We wish him well…but he certainly will be missed.


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