Best Infused Cigars

December 19, 2019

Best Infused Cigars

Flavor Infused cigars seem to have a bipartisan audience, either you love them, or you hate em’!  But, for those that love them, they have an overwhelmingly popular following.

Flavor infused cigars fall into two categories, machine-made, and handmade. Obviously, by using nothing but premium long-filler tobaccos, as opposed to leftover scraps, handmade flavor infused cigars will offer you a much more satisfying smoking experience. That said, this superior quality comes with a higher cost, so the machine-made variety is often the choice for smokers on a tight budget. Many of these domestic cigars still offer plenty of flavors, making them a good bang for the buck.

Now, that we’ve differentiated the two, let’s take a close-up look at four of our best-infused cigars, focusing solely on the premium handmade blends.

ACID Blue Kuba Kuba

Certainly not for everyone, including traditional flavor-infused fans, ACID cigars have garnered their fame and notoriety by using  Drew Estate’s secret blend of herbs, exotic spices, and botanicals. Blue Kuba Kuba, the most popular blend in the ACID line, imbues these secret ingredients into a well-aged blend of estate-grown Nicaraguan binder and long-fillers.

The result is medium-bodied smoke with unique and captivating flavors of wood, dark spice, citrus, and pepper, with heavy floral tones on the backend. One whiff of the fruity and musky aroma will let everyone nearby know that you’re smoking an ACID cigar.

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Rocky Patel Java Maduro

Realizing that coffee and cigars are the perfect pairings, Rocky Patel and Drew Estate teamed up to create the wildly popular Rocky Patel Java Maduro cigars. Rolled in a  gorgeous square-pressed format with a tasty blend of Nicaraguan long-filler tobaccos, every cigar is infused with cocoa and espresso beans.

The dark, oily, Brazilian  Maduro wrapper seamlessly adds some chocolate notes to the flavor profile. Close your eyes and the rich cup-o-joe’ aroma will make you feel like you’re in a gourmet coffee shop.

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CAO Flavours Moontrance

These delectable premium handmade cigars from CAO, feature fully aged  Nicaraguan long-filler tobaccos imbued with top-quality exotic fruit and bourbon vanilla extracts.  The genuine  Cameroon wrapper surrounding this blend, adds some toasty tobacco sweetness to the mix. It’s a mellow cigar that you can enjoy all day without it becoming overly sweet or bitter on the palate. It’s also one of the most popular cigars in the CAO Flavours portfolio.

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Tatiana Dolce Rum

Dolce Rum cigars from Tatiana,  combine rich, nutty tobacco notes with the velvety, sweet spice flavor of fine premium Jamaican rum.  Expertly handmade and carefully blended with choice Cuban seed Dominican fillers, and mellow  Indonesian wrappers, every cigar is aged two years to ensure a smooth, delectable smoking experience. Many enthusiasts will agree, that this is one of the best rum flavored cigars out there!

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