Best Cigar Lounges In Las Vegas

October 10, 2019

Best Cigar Lounges In Las Vegas

Las Vegas holds a special place in the hearts of cigar smokers nationwide.  It is the home of the annual IPCPR trade show, which is the largest gathering of cigar industry members in the country.  Las Vegas is also, to put it simply, the epitome of luxury and excess.

If you want the best whiskey bar, the finest sushi, or the most renowned steakhouse, you go to Las Vegas.  It is only logical that Sin City would be home to some of the finest cigar lounges in the nation.  Let’s check out some of the city’s highest-rated cigar bars and lounges.

Casa Fuente

The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace showcase the most luxurious and high-end shops you have ever seen.  With stores like Cartier and Louis Vuitton, you can easily surmise that is location is only for the most premium of retail establishments.  As you walk through you will see, nestled into a little corner, the famed Casa Fuente.  You can even start to smell the rich aroma as you descend the escalators.

As you walk past the outdoor sitting area, there is a large table that is always reserved for the Fuente family, should they be in town.  The floor is covered with Spanish tiles, while the walls are adorned with stunning depictions of the Fuente family and their history.  The seats are made of gorgeous red leather and are incredibly comfortable.

Their humidor is fully stocked with the finest inventory of Fuente items you have ever seen.  All of their standard lines are present, including their collaborations from Ashton and Diamond Crown.  Then there is the section containing all of Fuentes limited cigars.

Several sizes of the original Opus X followed by Angel Share and the Lost City are available.  They even have samplers containing Opus that haven’t been made in years.  If you are an aficionado, there is one cigar that is a must-have for this location; the coveted Casa Fuente.

The Casa Fuente line is only available at this location or in a very limited number of Fuente events throughout the country.  They are hand-rolled with Dominican filler and binder tobaccos and come in three different wrapper varieties, including my favorite Connecticut Broadleaf.

After picking your cigar, you should enjoy their signature Mojito, one of the best I’ve ever had.  This is definitely more of a special occasion location rather than an everyday hang out, but if you are visiting Las Vegas, it is a great little treat.

Montecristo Cigar Bar

If you are looking for a more of casual, but still premium cigar lounge experience, you can head over to the Montecristo Cigar Bar, also located in Caesars Palace.  Just to clarify, although they do license the name from AUSA, they are not part of the large Casa de Montecristo chain of retail cigar stores.  That actually gives them the freedom to run their locations differently.

For a small, high-end shop, they have an awe-inspiring selection of premium cigars.  While they do boast a large Montecristo selection, you can find plenty of other brands such as Illusione, Padron, Tatuaje, etc.

The bar’s inventory shows a major difference between them and Casa Fuente, who mostly sell their own brand.  The Montecristo Cigar bar represents itself as more of an overall cigar store and lounge as opposed to just a Montecristo location.

The most unique part of the store is its combination of high-end luxury but also casual everyday sports fan vibe.  It has dashes of elegance in its decoration but also has over 12 55” televisions mounted all around.  There is a large bar adorned with leather high top chairs and a quite impressive selection of spirits.  While this bar area is vibrant and chatty, the back has more of a sunroom feel to it.

This is apparently one of the most popular venues in the city to watch your favorite sports.  The bars busiest times throughout the year are during the Super Bowl and March Madness, so if you happen to be visiting during a championship, it’s a great place to stop in.  For me, the kicker is the location, right across the hall from the Old Homestead Steakhouse.

Davidoff of Geneva Cigar Lounge

There are currently eight Davidoff of Geneva locations around the country, including four in New York, one in Houston, one in Atlanta and a brand-new superstore in Tampa.  However, it is the Las Vegas location that really represents the high-end, luxurious lifestyle that Davidoff was built on.


The Davidoff of Geneva Cigar Lounge is located in the middle of the Fashion Show Mall, in the center of the Las Vegas strip.  It is surrounded by nearly 250 high-end retail stores and five different resort casinos.  Even with all of these distractions, you cannot help but notice the Davidoff sign as you drive down the strip.


The location features a circular cigar bar with a full line of Davidoff products.  This includes some of the brand’s most limited lines, special editions, and high-end accessories.  It also has a decent amount of other lines including some Padrons and Fuentes.


The interior cigar bar has a full one of top-shelf spirits as well as some small food options.  The bar has a fully staffed store including on-site cigar sommeliers that will not only recommend your perfect cigar but will cut it and light it for you as well.  The lounge also recently installed a private locker system, for their returning guests.


While the inside of the bar is most impressive, I, always choose the outdoor patio location with a full view of the famed Las Vegas strip. To be able to observe the crazy hustle and bustle of one of America’s most popular retail and entertainment locations while slowly puffing away at a fine Davidoff cigar is a unique and therapeutic experience.  It gives you time to slow down and enjoy the hand-crafted cigar and reflect and the small things in life that bring you joy.


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