Avo: A famous Name in the World of Premium Cigars

May 24, 2019

Like a high-end jazz club with nuanced, complex music being played, AVO Cigars are synonymous with class and luxury. Every blend in the top-shelf AVO lineup is created with a focus on balance and harmony between the tobaccos to create something that is greater than the sum of its parts. With AVO Cigars, no matter if your palate preference you are certain to enjoy a complex, refined smoke that exudes quality.

Avo Uvezian was a famous jazz pianist and composer who also had a lifelong passion for premium cigars. During his playing days in Puerto Rico, he would purchase a few local cigars each night and place them on top of the piano for anyone who wanted to smoke. Eventually, these cigars became a hit with his fans, and in 1987, Uvezian met Hendrik “Henke” Kelner the mastermind behind the world-famous Davidoff brand, and the pair worked together to create a special cigar for Avo’s personal taste which was released the following year. Uvezian sold his rights of the cigar brand to Davidoff.

At first, the cigars were just called Avo, but now, its referred to as the Avo Classic, due to so many line extensions in the brand portfolio. Even though the Avo line includes Domaine, XOHeritage, 30 Years, 90th Classic Covers, and more,  the original Avo Classic is still considered the strong backbone behind the entire brand. This delicious mellow to medium smoke was an instant hit and garnered top ratings from industry experts and everyday smokers alike. And, along with the legendary fame he gathered from his piano playing and composing prowess, Avo quickly became very well- known as a major player in the premium cigar industry.

Crafted from an impressive blend of fully aged Dominican binder and long-filler tobaccos, and a beautiful silky-smooth Ecuadorian wrapper, the Avo Classic provides flavors of cocoa, toasted almonds, baking spices, and caramel, that are so smooth and creamy, it will immediately have you craving another.  Avo cigars are medium body in strength. The simple, yet incredibly well-refined flavor profile of the premium Avo Classic cigar has made it one of the top-selling blends in the brand portfolio for 31-years!

As mentioned above, the brand that bears the legendary Avo name now includes a host of fabulous line extensions that include a manufacturing arm in Nicaragua that produces Syncro Ritmo, Syncro

 Nicaragua, and Syncro  Nicaragua Fogata. These three tantalizing offerings are made for well-seasoned smokers looking for a more powerful blend that still provides the rich and rewarding flavors that every Avo cigar provides.


The next time you buy cigars online here at JR,  be sure to check out our full line of Avo cigars and find the perfect blend for you, because, more than just another good cigar, Avo offers a luxurious smoking experience for every palate.




Avo Domaine



Avo XO



Avo Heritage



Avo 30 Years



Avo 90th Classic Covers



Avo Syncro Ritmo



Avo Syncro Nicaragua



Avo Syncro Nicaragua Fogata




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